Saturday, September 16, 2017

TS Pussy Hunters:  Seducing A Classmate!!!

                     TS Pussy Hunters:   Seducing A Classmate!!!

           Starring:                 Marika Blaisdale       and       Monique LeFry
       Directed  by:                                         Zoey Winsmore

Science Class is not boring when you have the sexy Marika ignoring the teacher and Monique watching in awe at Marika while feeling her panties dampen.  This is going to be Monique's root.  She wants so badly to do what she has never done before.  Marika pretends that she doesn't notice that Monique stares at her.  Marika has seduced girls before...   Plenty of them...   And that is not all that she has done to many a virgin.  Marika is going to be Monique's first, that is really for certain.     Marika is also going to be Monique's first feel of hard Transsexual cock deep in her pussy!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Overworked...  and  ...Underfucked!!!

You do know this feeling, right!?    When you're only focussed working on new movie productions it takes away all the free naughty times!!!
Well, tonight I decide to just make that Escort Agency phone call    and    if she really is that good for my pussy, I'll even let her lick my foot...